Pleasant Township was organized in 1807 and the earliest settlement was Georgesville.  The early township settlers, according to the atlas, included Thomas Roberts, John Bigger, James Garliner, Samuel Dyer, Samuel Kerr and John Turner.

Harrisburg was the largest village in the township followed by New Georgesville and Georgesville.  Darbydale was not yet considered a settlement.  There was also a settlement around the Chenoweth Mills, a large grain and flour business operated by Thomas Chenoweth. 

Harrisburg and Grove City were connected by the Harrisburg Columbus Pike (Rt. 62) which was a toll road at the time.  A toll gate was located at what is today the crossroads of Rt. 665 and Rt. 62.

Most businesses in Pleasant Township were linked to farming but other occupations included a trader, blacksmith, carpenters, broom maker and lumber dealer.  There were also several grocery stores.