Grove City has had a long history of business organizations under a variety of names.  The Grove City Chamber of Commerce, not to be confused with the present-day Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce, operated in the early 20th Century.

Looking back to Sept. 18 and Oct. 16, 1916, a list of members has been uncovered.  Those members include: A.L. Nichols, George Borror, Otto Willert, Frank Mellon, R. E. Turner, J. E. Curry, M. W. Herron Sr., A. C. Fries, Charles Patzer, Poppen Washburn, the Rev. H. G. Grossman, S. E. Johnston and D. C. Lawless.

Others were O. A. Corzilius, Henry Voeller, S. F. Sturus, Worthington, Dr. A. Rarigh, R. E. Shover, Tracy Wells, Otto Heaton, Charles Grant, Lester Henry, Dr. F. C. Wright, R. W. White, F. W.  Pontius, Daniel Weygandt, L. C. Reibel and M. W. Herron. 

Also, Ohio Badge Company, Ohio State Board of Agriculture, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Cott Printing Company and the Grove City Times.

                                                                                                                                  Story By James F. Hale