Back in the 1930s, husbands were encouraged to purchase “utility” gifts for their wives instead of something personal.  Advertised specials included an RCA Victor Console radio for $49.95 that boasted it had metal tubes, the greatest tube advance in 28 years.  It was available at the newly opened Haines Electric Shop on Broadway which promoted Christmas gifts for the lady of the house.  One gift idea was the new Spiralator washing machine for only $1 weekly or a Kelvinator refrigerator for only 15 cents a day. 

Not to be left out, Westgate Electric Shop in Columbus advertised an Apex vacuum, especially designed for women, for only $39.95.  Grove City Farmers Exchange suggested husbands surprise their wife with a Kitchen Kit electric mixer; DeVoss Store in Harrisburg had another Christmas idea.  Don’t buy something for her to clean the floor, rent a Johnson Floor Polisher instead.