Before Beulah Park was known for thoroughbred racing, it was a community park where the Civil War era veterans of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry held a reunion 116 years ago.  A story in the Grove City Record Oct. 7, 1965, recorded an account of that event.

 A commemorative booklet, found by Elvin Weygandt over 50 years ago, detailed the 27th annual reunion 75 veterans attended.  According to Steve Jackson, it is likely this group represented the 113th Regiment.  Company C organized heavily from Grove City; Company G from Mount Sterling and other companies were formed in Circleville and London.

This group had seen bloody fighting at battles including Chickamauga in Tennessee and Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia.   Most of the veterans came from throughout Ohio but a few traveled from as far away as Kansas.  The old veterans traded stories and shared memories.  Elvin’s grandfather, Daniel Weygandt, an Ohio Volunteer Infantry veteran, is believed to have taken part in General Sherman’s famous “March to the Sea” in the Civil War.