Despite icy roads, an estimated 250 people attended the 1940 annual wild game dinner at the DeVault Restaurant in Grove City.  The annual meal included roast coon, dressing and sweet potatoes.  The dinner was sponsored by local merchants and business owners.  Numerous out of town guests attended.  Raccoon, according to published accounts, tastes like a cross between dark turkey and roast beef.  It was once a popular holiday meal, especially with rural families.

Telephone service hasn’t always been as convenient as it is today.  In 1936, there were many complaints about the local phone service.  Back then, all calls had to be placed through an operator working with many different wires at a switchboard. 

According to an article in The Grove City Record, the switchboard system in Grove City was not what it should be.  Many residents voiced complaints that calls were put through to the wrong party or that the operator just wouldn’t answer a subscriber.  One merchant complained that an out of town customer tried several times to place an order but was told the merchant was out of town for the day.  At the time, telephone subscribers had to pay a special toll to talk with Columbus subscribers.  The newspaper article it was time for the village council to take action.