(The following was compiled by the (Columbus) Historical Publishing Company, and is reprinted from “Reflections II”, a collection of local stories available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

Prairie Township

This Township is bound on the north by Brown and Norwich townships, South by Pleasant Township, East by Franklin and Jackson townships and west by the township of Jefferson in Madison County. Prairie Township presents few distinctive features’ its surface is level, it’s soil varied and generally well adapted to the growing of Wheat and corn. Its streams are: Darby Creek, flowing along a portion of the western boundary; Darby Run, flowing from north to south, about central in the township, and Scioto Run, which flows eastward into the Scioto River. None of these are now of much importance, so far as water power, as they are nearly or quite dry during the summer months. This Township was organized and set off under its present name in 1819; its bounds then extended much farther north, including a considerable part of what is now Brown Township, and it had originally been part of Franklin. Among the early settlers were Samuel Higgins and family, Shadrach Postle and family, William Marmon and family, and in 1813 the Clover family, who had been living in Ross County, moved into Prairie and formed what is known as the Clover Settlement. Solomon Clover, one of the sons, had a passion for hunting, and killed more wolves, bears and deer, with which the county then abounded, than any of his competitors. His brother Samuel was also proficient with the gun. The father, mother, brothers and sisters of Daniel Harrington, who settled in Prairie in 1821 were all massacred by the Indians in their home in Kentucky, where Daniel was born. The first post-office was established in 1836, John Graham being appointed post-master. About 25 years ago another post office was established at the Galloway station, Milton Demorest becoming post-master. The first physician was Dr. George Richey, a skilled practitioner, and the first hotel opened in Alton. The first school in Prairie, 1817, was taught by Peter Clover in a little log building standing on his farm, and he had about twenty scholars.A large log house was next built, and it was used for many years for both school and church purposes. The Rev. John Solomon and George Nealy were among the first preachers, and a meeting house was erected on the Harrisburg and Galloway Turnpike.

First Families

Jackson Township: William Brown, Nicholas Haun, Jonas Orders, William Badger, Woolry Conrad, William Sinnet, the Brackenridges, the Borrors, the Straders and the Goldsmiths.

Franklin Township:  Samuel White, John Huffman, William Harrison.

Pleasant Township: Thomas Roberts, John Biggert, James Gardiner, Samuel Dyer, Samuel Kerr.