(The following was written by Yvette L. Maurey, and is reprinted from “Reflections”, a collection of local stories available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum).

Time to feed the ducks and chicks,
I carry out last night’s leftover mix.

The kittens follow to the brooder,
Hoping to snatch some of the food.

Around my ankles, they rub and purr,
leaving on me, most of their fur!

When I reach the brooder gate,
The kitties stop! lest they meet their fate.

The ducks bow low, bills toward the cats,
Craning their necks through the wooden slats.

The kitties hunch their backs up round,
And make their threatening hissing sound.

The ducks soon drop their fruitless pursuit
When they hear me scrape out last night’s loot.

Fresh water carried out in pails;
Some chicks get some, some chicks fail.

I put more grow-mix in the trough.
The chicks climb in to get the stuff!

The kitties nip and at my heels
Back to the house like little wheels!

I fetch them a spilling saucer of milk,
And smooth the purring puffs of silk.