Another 1868 ordinance stated that any person who discharged a gun, pistol or revolver upon any street or alley was subject to a fine not less than $1 or more than $5.  At the discretion of the mayor, a fine could be imposed along with a jail sentence of six hours.

Any person blocking a street, alley or sidewalk by placing any objects, such as lumber, firewood, etc., that hindered the public can be fined or jailed.  Residents of the village who blocked a street with a wagon, buggy, carriage or hitched horse also faced a fine of $1-$5 for each obstruction.

Prostitution was also a no-no.  Any person or persons guilty of lewd entertainment or a house of prostitutes shall be fined not less than $10 for every offense and could be imprisoned for 5-10 days or both at the discretion of the mayor.

Apparently there was a problem with slaughtering animals in streets and alleys. Also in 1868, the Grove City council passed an ordinance that prohibited cattle, sheep and hogs from being slaughtered on any street.  It was allowed if the slaughter was for individual consumption.  Anyone throwing any filth into a street or alley also became subject to this ordinance that carried a fine of $1 to $5, imprisonment of 24-48 or both.