1903 was a big year for banking in the Village of Grove City. 

On April 21, 1903, the Grove City Savings Bank Co. was capitalized with $25,000.  The prime movers included A. G. Grant, Emil Kiesewetter and E. C. Wagner. 

The bank originally occupied a small building on Broadway before construction a large bank at the southeast corner of Broadway and Park Street opened May 19, 1923.  The sign for the bank is on display at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum.

            The second bank was The Farmers and Merchants Bank opening in the spring of 1903 but it was not fully capitalized with $25,000 until June 11, 1903.   At that time, the name was changed to The First National Bank.  The prime movers for the second bank included Joseph M. Briggs and Daniel Weygandt.  That bank was located at the southeast corner of Broadway and Columbus Street.