(The following was written by Harold Windsor and is reprinted from “Reflections II”, a collection of local stories available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

With Breck came such hardy pioneers as William Sibray, John Mallot, Jeremiah Smith, George Van Sciver, and George Weygandt, and their families. These five pioneers journeyed from Fairfield County together to establish this community.

Other pioneers and first settlers who followed the above-named trail blazers, are listed with the date they settled in the village:

William Breck, 1846
John Malott, 1846
Jeremiah Smith, 1846
William Sibray, 1846
William Dearduff, 1852
Tobias Freeman, 1850
Hiram Mallott, 1850
Dr. Joseph Bullen, 1852
N.C. McLean, 1852
Ann Monges, 1852
Randolph Higgy, 1852
W.H. Young, 1853
Jessup Raymond, 1853
Elihu Rose, 1854
John Postle, 1854
George H. Allen, 1854
William M. Blackburn, 1854
Kark Boch, 1854
John W. Douglass, 1854
Chris Zeigenspeck, 1854
Jacob Lewis, 1854
Enic Miller, 1854
John Clark, 1854
Peter Aller, 1855
Robert Batty, 1855
N.H. Steel, 1855
William Nichols, 1855
Rev. T. H. Hall, 1855
Alex Frankenberg, 1856
E.C. Brett, 1856
William Neiswender, 1857
William Schirner, 1857
John Smith, 1857
Chaz. H. Fritsche, 1858
Beatty Clark, 1859
Gabriel Postle, Sr., 1860
John Buckholtz, 1860
S.K. Reed, 1860
Harvey Coit, 1861
August Baer, 1861
Fanny White, 1862
Israel Postle, 1863
Rev. C. Reichert, 1863
Alexander White, 1864
William Starr, 1865
Irvin Fearing, 1865
A.M. Anderson, 1865
William Bender, 1865
Anton Pilger, Sr., 1866
George Coffman, 1867
Robert Clough, 1867
Leonard Buckholtz, 1867
George Stroeder, 1867
Carl Barthold, 1867
Samuel Russell, 1867
J.S. Vincent, 1867
W.R. Mench, 1868
William Voekel, Sr., 1869
Robert Fairlamb, 1869
Chas. Mahone, 1872
William O. Bodle, 1874
Joseph Buckholtz, 1878
Emmanuel White, 1878
Hanna M. Wilson, 1879

The above is known to be the authentic list of the first settlers and Pioneers of Grove City, for information was gathered from the recorder’s office in the courthouse, from the deed record books, showing transfer of lands from William Breck to the above mentioned.

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