Grove City Welcome Center & Museum

The Museum has thousands of items in its collection. Artifacts are on display in a rotational schedule to keep the museum fresh for visitors. The featured item is a 1912 Model T Ford that is driven each September in the Grove City Community Parade during Arts in the Alley. The museum also features a number of antique sound devices including an Edison Standard Phonograph from the early 1900s that uses wax cylinders instead of records. Ask how the volume is controlled on another of the old record players. You’ll be surprised! We’ll even play a record or two on request.

 Museum Hours

Monday – Friday 10 am– 4 pm
Tuesdays Open Until 8 pm

Free Admission, Free Parking

Grove City Museum Edison Record PlayerGrove City Museum Model T

Did you know Kool Aid was once bottled like Coke and Pepsi? We have a bottle to prove it. Come see for yourself. The collection includes flat irons used by housewives to iron cotton clothing, an assortment of oil lamps, clothing, class graduation photographs and a sofa made of horsehair. Exhibits are rotated throughout the year and there is always something new to see every 2-3 months. The museum also maintains a file on family names. Visitors are encouraged to include and share their family history in the Museum’s archives where future generations can search. The Welcome Center also has a variety of tourism brochures provided by the Grove City Area Visitors and Convention Bureau.