Grove City Visitor Center Sign

Grove City Welcome Center & Museum

3378 Park Street in Town Center 

The Museum is a co-operative effort of the City of Grove City and the Southwest Franklin County Historical Society. It has thousands of artifacts and displays that are showcased on a rotation basis, something new at the museum at all times. The featured item is a 1912 Model T Ford that is removed from the museum once a year to be driven in the Arts in the Alley Parade in September. If you haven’t visited the museum you are missing out on an educational and fun experience. Ask one of the ambassadors at the museum how the volume is adjusted on one of the old record players on display. You’ll be surprised with the answer.

 Museum Hours

Monday, Closed
Tuesday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday – 9am – Noon

Grove City Museum Wall Phone with Crank

Wall Phone w/ Crank

Grove City Museum Vault

Vistors Center Vault

Do you know what a flat iron is? We’ll be glad to show you and explain how it works. You can also see an assortment of oil lamps, dial and crank telephones, crock pots, a working loom, an ice box, and a large selection of items used in an early kitchen. You can also see a history of both police and fire operations, Grove City’s racing history, period clothing and a wide array ofGrove City class graduation photographs. Did you know Kool Aid was once bottled like Coke and Pepsi? We have a bottle to prove it. There’s so much on display you’ll have to visit and see for yourself.


The museum also maintains a file on hundreds of family names. Visitors are encouraged to include and share their family history in the Museum’s genealogy archives where future generations can search. Copies of documents can be made for a cost of 20 cents per item.

Grove City Museum Model T

1912 Model T