Long before there was a Parks and Recreation department that created and managed parks in the community, there was Beulah Park.  A. G. Grant gets credit for the park as part of a promotional effort to sell homes in the town’s first subdivision in 1889.

The park became popular for baseball games, concerts, speeches, medicine shows, picnics and family reunions. A community band and another band from St. John’s Lutheran Church frequently performed concerts at the park. 

In later years, the Franklin County Fair was also held in Grove City at Beulah Park.

Grant called the housing development west of the railroad the Beulah Addition, named for a daughter, Beulah Grant (Campbell).  By 1896, he had built a half-mile horse track for racing.

An old abstract uncovered recently by Grove City Mayor Richard Stage found that county records once identified the Beulah Addition, which was west of the railroad tracks, as the Town of Beulah.