A cemetery in Darbydale off SR 665 is believed to be haunted.  The cemetery was first known as the Willy Butcher Cemetery.  Butcher killed his family then committee suicide.   Later, the site was known as the Little Pennsylvania Cemetery; Darbydale was once known as Little Pennsylvania.  At one time it was known as the London-Lancaster Cemetery.

Today, its common name is Woolyburger Cemetery, and it’s a frequent destination for teenagers seeking an encounter with a spirit.  Some believe that Willy Butcher’s malevolent spirit haunts the cemetery.  Reports indicate that people have seen strange lights, heard screams and even sightings of an old house in the fog that has disappeared the next day.

Some reports indicate that the name “Woolyburger” became associated with the cemetery because a bigfoot-like creature has been seen in the area.

Haunted or not, the picturesque cemetery is a beautiful place in the daylight hours with some graves dating to the early 1800s.   It’s a steep climb from the road so be prepared for a hard walk if you go.

Other haunted cemeteries in Franklin County include Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery.  The melancholy ghost is known as the Lady in Grey who weeps over the grave of Benjamin Allen.  The cemetery is on Sullivant Avenue.