See how many questions you can correctly answer.  There’s no prize and you won’t be graded.  It’s just the enjoyment of learning a little more about Grove City and Jackson Township.  Watch for the answers in our next blog.

  1. What was the product Grove City Manufacturing produced?
  2. What was the original site of St. John’s Lutheran Church cemetery?
  3. What was the original name for the Grove City Community Club?
  4. Guess how many blacksmith shops were there in Grove City in 1872?
  5. How many new car dealerships were there in Grove City prior to 1980?
  6. What did Hensel & Graul sell at their store in downtown Grove City?
  7. Were pipe organs ever manufactured in Grove City?  Yes or No.
  8. Where was the original location for the J. E. Norris Distinctive Funeral Service?
  9. Was Harry Neff the first or second Grove City traffic motorcycle officer?
  10. Was there ever a company that manufactured ice cream in the downtown of Grove City?
  11. What did H. G. Grossman operate?
  12. Grove City once had sawdust sidewalks. True or false.
  13. Franklin Avenue residents stopped construction of waterlines but residents on Olive Street requested them.  True or false?
  14. Two freezer locker companies opened in the early 1940s.  One firm had plans to construct how many individual freezer units for rent?  Take a guess.
  15. Twin Towers Swim Club opened in 1968.  True or false.
  16. What were the sanitary improvements added to the Park Street School in 1939?
  17. Highway workers poured cement on Broadway over the old brick surface for the first time in 1931.  True or false?
  18. The Emmelhainz building was once a dealership for the Studebaker or Regal automobiles.
  19. Who was Joseph Bullen?

20. Was there ever a Kroger Store in the Grove City downtown?