(The following was written by Hulda Rader, and is reprinted from “Reflections”, a collection of local stories available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum).

Traveling west on Park Street in Grove City, Ohio, I just never pass a certain dwelling unless I think “that is where I was born.”  Usually people don’t realize that as a small child we lived in the “City,” not on the farm; that came later in life.

The lot on which the house was built was Lot 9, originally lots 9 & 10, as originally platted in 1889 as part of the A.G. Grant Addition (or Beulah Addition) to Grove City.  These lots were originally sold to John and Martha Prijawa on February 13, 1890, for two hundred dollars as recorded.  Situated in the County of Franklin, State of Ohio, Jackson Township.  Adam G. Grant and wife Ella released their rights of the premises on July 31, 1889.  Deed recorded February 13, 1890.

Lots 9 & 10 changed hands again on January 7, 1892, being sold for $1500 to Arnold Kuhlman, who was unmarried.

It is my thinking, although I have no proof, that the house could have been built on lot 9 between 1892-1896, considering the rise in price each time it was bought and sold.

Kuhlman sold the said real estate on January 4, 1896, to G.W. Gear, Wm. Shafer and Wm. Baker.  Wm. Baker and wife sold the property to Maria A. Anderson (a widow) living in the Village of Grove City, County of Franklin, State of Ohio for $1800 on March 3, 1904.

On June 26th, 1904, Henry L. Witteman and Wilhelmina A. Kropp were united in marriage at the home of her parents, Mr. And Mrs. William Kropp, south of Grove City, now 4619 Harrison Pike.  It was two months later that “lot 9 and real estate” was purchased by Henry L. and Wilhelmina A. Witteman from Maria Anderson on the 23rd of August, 1904.  The purchase price was $1100 plus a Mortgage Deed of $700 and interest held by E.E. Kear and others.  The released is signed and acknowledged in the presence of Eugene C.  Wagner and S.E. Johnston, Notary Public.

Transferred  – Aug. 24, 1904

Filed  – Aug. 24, 1904

Recorded – Aug. 25, 1904

One year later a little stranger was added to the household.  Irma H. Witteman was born to Henry and Wilhelmina Witteman on August 11, 1905.  When she reached the age of three years, another addition, Hulda C. Witteman, born on July 30, 1908, entered the scene.  

On February, 28th 1914, we (Irma and I) were awakened early in the morning by the crying of a baby.  Dad came into our room and asked us to come and see our new baby sister, E. Catherine M. Witteman. I have no baby pictures of her except the picture when she won first prize in a July 4th contest.

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