(The following was written by Faye and Harold Morland, and is reprinted from “The Epoch of the Park Street School 1853-1964 and Grove City, Ohio”.  Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

The Park Street School was used solely as a grade school from December 1910 to the present year, 1963-1964.

On August 30, 1911,  the board passed a resolution setting forth rules for the guidance of pupils and teachers in matters of pupil conduct about the schools. Copies of the rules were distributed as pamphlets. Here are some of the rules:

  1. Pupils living more than a mile from the school building may be excused at an early hour by superintendent or teacher with the consent of their parents.
  2. That all people seen on the street during school hours must be prepared to give to the board a responsible excuse from teacher or parent for such delinquency.
  3. That the idea of perfect respect of the pupils of all grades for their teacher and superintendent be fully impressed upon the minds of each pupil and that it be put into daily practice.
  4. The superintendent shall submit to the Board of Education each month, on suitable blanks, a report from each teacher of the progress of his department, showing the number of pupils who have failed to meet the requirements in any branch, and any pupil who fails for two successive months, or who is otherwise delinquent, shall be subject to inquiry by the board.
  5. That all forms of profanity, discourtesy, or the use of tobacco in any form be strictly forbidden on all school grounds.
  6. That a system of writing adopted by the board must be taught in all grades by the principal.

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