Pauline Woda Farnsworth, born on the Hilltop, moved to Grove City at age 12 with a love of music which prompted her, after retirement, to purchase a violin and take refresher classes to enjoy making music again. Farnsworth has schoolyard memories from the Jackson Township Junior High School. She remembers lunch items like baked sweet potatoes, Spanish rice and doughnuts.  “My favorite time, I think, was lunch,” she says. Farnsworth says her future husband lived just a few doors from her childhood home. She was only 12 at the time, but she had made up her mind he was the man for her. John and Farnsworth didn’t date until she was a junior, and he was a senior on the football team. After John returned from World War II, they married in 1945.

By James F. Hale for Discover Magazine