Train Depot Restoration

Pictures by John Manering

Grove City Train Depot Restoration Original Floor

2019 Christmas Tour

Pictures from the 2019 Christmas Tour at Century Village.

Caboose Restoration Photo Gallery

Here is progress being made on a local caboose being undertaken by some members of the Society


Grant-Sawyer Home Photo Gallery

The following gallery contains pictures of the Grant-Sawyer Home during remodeling.

Photography by Keith Stenerson

Exterior house painting begins at the Grant-Sawyer Home

Grant-Sawyer Barn Renovation 

Renovations at the Grant-Sawyer Barn.

Photography by Keith Stenerson

Grant-Sawyer Home 

Images from the Grant-Sawyer Home.

Photography by Keith Stenerson

Century Village Harvest Days

Images from 2018 Century Village Harvest Days.

Photography by Keith Stenerson