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A variety of books and publications are offered for sale at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Orders can also be placed online using the Publication Order Form below.  All orders must be pre-paid and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Payment by check is encouraged. Do not send cash through the mail.  Publications include:

REFLECTIONS: A 40-page collection of 17 different stories about early life in Grove City and surrounding townships. Some of the topics include the 1913 flood, early life in Prairie Township, Adam Gantz family, Pennsylvania Germans, Wilderness Indians, Mound Builders and more.
40 pages                    $10

REFLECTIONS II: A 40-page collection of 32 different short stories edited by Marilyn Gibboney. General topics include early township histories, Grove City and village stories, crossroads, early family life and memories.
40 pages                   $10

HISTORY of JACKSON TOWNSHIP, GROVE CITY and EARLY PIONEERS: This 99-page paperback was written in 1932 by Harold Windsor, local writer and historian. It is a chronicle dedicated to those who in the early days founded the community of Grove City and to those of the passing generations who helped create the history we enjoy. It tells the story of early roads, communities and family names.
99 PAGES                 $15.00

WILLIAM FOSTER BRECK CITY’S FOUNDING FATHER: A 53-page paperback with new details about the life of the founding father of Grove City. It begins with a brief history of Jackson Township followed with Breck’s decision to establish a new settlement in what was then called the “backwoods” township of Franklin County. The story covers Breck’s business operations in Carroll, Ohio before moving to Franklin County; his marriage, family history and his unfortunate death.
53 pages                    $10.00

EPOC OF THE PARK STREET SCHOOL (Expanded): This publication written by Faye and Harold Morland is out of print but copies are available by special request. Orders must be paid in advance and allow two weeks for delivery. The Epoc is a unique story that covers the history of Grove City with a special emphasis on schools and education in the time period of 1853 through 1964. The original Park Street School that was located at Park Street and Arbutus Avenue closed and was torn down in 1964. The Morland’s were founders of the Grove City Historical Society.
44 pages                    $15.00

GREYHOUND RACING – GROVE CITY, OHIO: This is the most complete history to date of Greyhound racing in the city. The booklet discusses the ‘who, how and why’. The old track was once located where OLPH School is located today.
32 pages                    $10.00


MASTODON BONESLearn about early discoveries of Mastodon bones and tusks in the area of St. John’s Lutheran Church and Paleoindian spear points discovered near Stringtown Road that date back 8,000 years.
16 pages                    $9      

OLD LAWS AND THE VILLAGE MARSHAL – A collection of some of the early ordinances in Grove City dating as far back as 1868.   Did you know it was once a $10 fine to ride a mule on a sidewalk within the Village of Grove City?
8 pages                      $5

THE OLD GRAIN MILLS, MILL STREET – History of the mills in Southwest Franklin County and interviews about the Grove City Farmers Exchange.  Grove City was once a farming community and mills were an important part of local culture.
26 pages                    $12

THE ONE ROOM SCHOOLS – In many early communities, churches served as schools but that doesn’t appear to be the case in Southwest Franklin County.  The first school building opened in 1815 at Borror’s Corners.
24 pages                    $10

A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS, STUDENT LIFE DURING COVID 19 — The year started just like any other school year then as the New Year arrived, life changed.  In some ways that change would become normal to many.  South-Western student write about life during a pandemic.
28 pages                    $10

GANTZ FARM WITH EARL NICHOLSON ART – History of the farm and the Gantz family.
6 pages                      $6

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