(The following was written by Alfred Schoch, and is reprinted from “Reflections II”, a collection of local stories available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

This neat and pretty farmhouse located on the southeast corner of Big Run Road and Holt Road has been the home of the late Alfred and Carrie Krieger Schoch for over 50 years. The house which is partially log was built sometime before 1900 and was once a stagecoach stop and tavern. The stage came down Big Run Road on the way to London, Ohio. At the time the house consisted of the two front rooms and two rooms upstairs. The stairway went up in the kitchen and you entered from the rear.

In the early days of sandwich in a mug of beer was 5 cents. It was also a good place for the neighboring farmers to come and have some refreshments and fellowship and share the local gossip. Some of the old-timers who frequented were Chris Wetterman and his son Edward, John and Charlie Haenszel, Robert Schoch, and his father and brothers, the Bettinger’s and the Jahns.

In 1914 Mr. William Becker purchased the place and turned it into a residence. Mr. William Gaul who later became Mr. Becker’s son-in-law worked and help remodel the house. The house was enlarged and several rooms added to it. When the house was completed, Mr. Becker had a big party with a dance in the “new house”. All the area friends, neighbors, and relatives were invited. Mr. Becker and his daughters lived there several years before moving down close to Harrisburg Pike. Several farm families rented and farmed the ground until the Schoch’s purchased the farm.