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The South-Western City School District came into existence Jan. 1, 1956, a consolidation of six separate boards of education. The population of the area was rapidly growing in the 1950s and schools were pressed to meet the needs of students and families.

Only the Franklin Local District had a financial base adequate to support the growing demands due to the location of large industrial operations in the years just prior to 1936. The schools faced difficulty in meeting the needs of the growing enrollment. As a result of these growing needs, a committee of citizens representing the six districts was formed. Meetings were held with members of the six boards of education as well as county and state officials.

The consolidation included: Grove City-Jackson Township Exempted Village School District, and independent school districts in Pleasant Township, Urbancrest, Georgesville, Prairie Township and Franklin Township. The Franklin Local School District was the only one that had a strong financial base primarily because of commercial and industrial development along the Georgesville Road corridor.

The district was originally identified as the South-Western Local School District. On Aug. 19, 1959, after Grove City earned city status, the board of education took action to change the district’s status while changing the name to South-Western City School District.

Today, the district encompasses 119-square miles in the southwestern quadrant of Franklin County of Central Ohio. The district is the fifth largest school district in Ohio serving approximately 22,000 students. The district currently has 16 elementary schools, five intermediate schools, five middle schools, four high schools, one career-technical academy and a special needs preschool.

One of the district’s crowning achievements was the opening of Grove City High School and Westland High School during the 1970-1971 school year. These two buildings were planned to
house 2,000 students each. The buildings, at the time, were considered by architects and educators as “ten years ahead of the times.”

In 1998, to stem crisis-level overcrowding, voters passed one of the largest school construction bond issues in the history of Ohio. The issue made way for the construction of four intermediate schools (fifth and sixth grade buildings), a middle school, an additional high school, and a career technical center, as well as renovations to seven existing schools.

In March 2012, voters passed a no new millage bond issue to co-fund Segment 1 of the district’s overall Ohio Facilities Construction Commission project. The $260 million project replaced 13 elementary schools, renovates two elementary schools and builds a new Franklin Heights High School.

In November 2018, voters passed another no new millage bond issue to co-fund Segment 2 of the district’s overall Ohio Facilities Construction Commission project to replace Brookpark, Finland, Norton, and Pleasant View Middle Schools, build an addition on Jackson Middle School, renovate East Franklin Elementary School, and provide funds for much needed roofing and asphalt projects across the district. The renovation of East Franklin is phased in over multiple summers. The new middle schools are scheduled to open in the Fall of 2022.

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South-Western City School District Article

On January 1, 1956 the South-Western City School district was formed. The following article written in 1986 celebrates 30 years of excellence for the South-Western City Schools district.

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South-Western City Schools Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

South-Western City Schools Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence