(The following was written by Faye and Harold Morland, and is reprinted from “The Epoch of the Park Street School 1853-1964 and Grove City, Ohio”.  Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

Commissioner of Education Jones increased requirements for class A high schools. The board met these by making arrangements with the Township Boards for a division of the superintendent’s time, and employed another high school teacher. The effect was an increased attendance.

It is interesting to note that there were over thirty township country grade schools in five townships at this time. As grade requirements were completed in these schools, the pupils were sent to Grove City High School.

Love bug bites pupil and teacher. Who? Floyd DeLashmutt, class of 1909, and Adah Harberger. She started her teaching career in September 1907 in the old school, after having received her degree from Ohio State University in June of that year. A recent letter from them to Beulah White shows that they are “living happily ever after”. Bless them!

By 1910 there were three high school teachers and five grade school teachers. The total enrollment was 280 pupils, 81 of which were in high school. 42 of the latter came from other school districts.

3.28 acres of land were purchased by The Grove City Board of Education for the new Jackson High School. It was located just east of the bend in East Park Street. One of the provisions in this land purchase was that the seller, Adam Grant, build and extend East Park Street to “Crushed Stone Pike”, now known as Haughn Road.

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