(The following was written by Faye and Harold Morland, and is reprinted from “The Epoch of the Park Street School 1853-1964 and Grove City, Ohio”.  Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

The Grove City High School band was formed a few years after the turn of the century. It was promoted and directed for a while by Clarence Byrn. A short time later Sergeant George Dumas, from Fort Hayes, took over. According to A.B. Graham, extension director at Ohio State University, Grove City had the first band and high school in Ohio.

Copy of part of a recent letter from Floyd deLashmutt to Beulah White:

Copy of donors and donations for the first Grove City High School band. We had almost enough money to buy the instruments we wanted. It was raised by entertainments given to the public by the high school students. So, we took a paper and got some promises from some Grove City people for donations if we needed them.

We, the undersigned, I agree to pay the amount opposite our names, for the benefit of the Grove City High School band, if set amount is needed.


A.C. Fries – $5.00 Paid
E.C. Wagner – 2.00 Paid 1-10-08
R.D. Grant – 3.00 Paid 1-14-08
Geo. Sauder – 2.00 Paid 1-13-08
Geo. Rubel – 3.00 Paid 1-14-08
E.E. Grant – 2.50 Paid 1-24-08
S.E. Johnston – 2.00 Paid 1-24-08
J.T. Dountz – 2.00 Paid 1-24-08
Wm. Hoover – 3.00 Paid 1-27-08
E.A. White – 2.00 Paid 1-24-08
L.C. Riebel – 3.00 Paid 1-10-08

Mr. Hoover, the druggist, bought the instruments for the band and did not charge us any profit to him. We paid what the instruments cost him plus the express charges. We unpacked in Hoovers Store and took off for the school. Mr. Hoover even cleaned up the excelsior (packing) and boxes for us. Were we Happy!

Thanks, Beulah
Floyd DeLashmutt