(The following is a poem by Sabrina Evans-Renkar (age 10), and is reprinted from “Reflections II”, a collection of local stories available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum.)


Once, long ago, our house was a school where children were taught.
Outside they played on the large, wooded lot.

Across the road was the church,
Where songs of glory rose beyond The mighty birch.

Down the road there was a store where children bought candy,
pencils and more.

When the bell rang they ran back to the school
And seated at their desks recited the rule.

The years passed and the trees grew tall,
The seasons rolled by until one fall

My parents changed the school into a house, you see,
Now we live there under the giant oak trees.

And sometimes when I’m walking down the halls,
I hear children’s laughter echoing through the walls.