(The following was written by Lewis Garrison, and is reprinted from 1927’s “Grove City – The Town with a Future”,  available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

Personnel of the Capital City Racing Association’s Board of Directors is as follows:  Jonas P. Pletsch, Harry D. Shepard, Charles Hayes, Ralph Hirsch and George C. Tuttle. Mr. Pletsch is President, Mr. Hayes vice-president, and Mr. Shepard general manager and treasurer. All are residents of Columbus. Associated with them in ownership are scores of residents of both Grove City and Columbus, all being rightfully correct in the belief that this general cooperation toward a common end of having royal sport at distinct annual intervals tends for popular enjoyment.

President Pletsch is a man with a business record of 40 years to stand as proof of his worth to the nation as a sterling citizen. No steps backward are to be seen in his life path. As a dealer in meats and as a real estate operator, he ever has gone onward and is at the stage where he can turn aside from daily endeavor and wholeheartedly enjoy mingling with patrons of Beulah Park.

Vice-President Hayes, for a quarter of a century has been a fixture on the staff of the Columbus Driving Park Co., the one that for 31 years has been in Grand Circuit society. As a boy, Mr. Hayes wore the silks of a jockey. That career, comparatively short for all who answer with the bugle calls and ride, let up to his connection with the Driving Park’s restaurant service. He does this important duty still, is responsible for refreshing Beulah Park’s throngs and has an up-to-date form at Lockbourne to supervise generally.

General manager Shepard, a horseman from the pinafore days on his father’s farm, has been an Ohioan ever at heart though some of his early years were spent in Illinois.  He built the mile track at the Columbus Driving Park and for 20 years has been in general charge of that property, being secretary of its owning-operating company. His farm home is in Pickaway County but he spend his few idle hours either in Columbus or in a summer place on Riverside Drive, near Dublin.

Directors Hirsch and Tuttle are active in work for a Columbus daily newspaper. Their exacting duties are such that personal participation in the affairs of the Capital City Racing Association has proven to be a delightful relaxation.

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