(The following was written by Lewis Garrison, and is reprinted from 1927’s “Grove City – The Town with a Future”,  available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

Dr. Frank C. Wright

Dr. Wright has been practicing his profession in Grove City since his graduation from Starling Medical College, Columbus, in the class of ‘97. He resided in Columbus until he was 17 years old and came to Grove City with his parents. His office is in connection with his residence on Broadway in the south end of town. During the period of the war, Dr. Wright was Medical Director of the Franklin County Draft Board, with headquarters in Columbus. He is surgeon for the Ohio Electric Company, visiting physician to Mt. Carmel Hospital, is a member of the Columbus Academy of Medicine, is a member of the General Practitioners’ Medical Society, the American Medical Association and the American Society for the Advancement of Sciences. He is also one of the founders of the local Masonic Lodge which was instituted recently in Grove City.