(The following was written by Lewis Garrison, and is reprinted from 1927’s “Grove City – The Town with a Future”,  available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

Town with a Future – Grossman Hardware Co.

Mr. H.G. Grossman is the proprietor of the above-named business which is located in the business center of Grove City. It was established by Elias A. White, father-in-law of the proprietor, in the 90s, and is the oldest hardware store in the community. Seven years ago the business was taken over by William C. and H.G. Grossman, and since last February has been owned and controlled by the present proprietor. A full line is carried of general hardware, farm implements, builders’ hardware, stoves, ranges, furnaces, pains, oils, glass, coal, lime and cement. The coal yard is equipped with its own spur, giving excellent facilities for the handling of building materials and coal. The business has been built on quality merchandise and courteous treatment to customers. Mr. Grossman has lived in the community practically all of his life.