(The following was written by Lewis Garrison, and is reprinted from 1927’s “Grove City – The Town with a Future”,  available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

One of the biggest improvements for Grove City was the establishment of the water system. Dr. Frank C. Wright was chairman of the committee and various systems were investigated throughout Ohio in towns of 2,000 population, with the result that the town has a modern and up-to-date plant. It was installed at a most opportune time when material prices were at the bottom and a most favorable time to buy.

There are two wells 180 feet in the lime rock, Furnishing in abundance of water for all purposes. The pumping machinery is housed in a concrete building impossible of contamination and with no possible chance of freezing. The pumps are electrically driven and automatically controlled, thus keeping the 100,000 gallon tank on its elevation of 100 feet full at all times. A 40 h.p. gasoline engine is also in the equipment for use in emergency. Fire hydrants are in practically every street and the pressure is 45 lbs. The plant was financed by a bond issue of $25,000, which carried three-to-one in favor of the system.

A motor fire apparatus with hose equipment is also maintained and in charge of a permanent fire protection committee. This system is used chiefly for fires throughout the district.