(The following was written by Lewis Garrison, and is reprinted from 1927’s “Grove City – The Town with a Future”,  available at the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum. Any opinions made in the article are from the author.)

Witteman and Miller, Coal and Feed

This firm is composed of Ollie Witteman and Otto Miller, and has been in existence about seven years. Their yard and feed Store are located on West Grant Street at the B. and O. tracks. They occupy a brick building 40 by 8 feet in size for the storage of feed and building supplies, and the yard extends with a 140 feet Frontage on Grant Street and has a side track accommodation for eight cars. All of this property is owned by the partnership. In the yards are stored the coal and building supplies such as sewer pipe, lining and brick. The business was started in a small way and it’s grown with the development of the town. Mr. Witteman was born and raised in Grove City and Mr. Miller came from a farm nearby.