There are two dates important to Grove City.  The first is 1852, which represents the year the original plat for the village was prepared, and 1866, the year the village was incorporated.

Grove City’s original plat included an area east of what is now Broadway.  It was bounded on the south by what is now Civic Drive and north at Columbus Street.  The village limits followed Park Street to a fence line west of what is now Park Street Intermediate School.

William Foster Breck, along with George Weygandt, William Sibray and Jeremiah Smith, Breck’s brother-in-law, created the plat for the village on 15.25 acres.

On March 5, 1866, thirty-seven of the early settlers prepared a petition seeking incorporation of the Village of Grove City.  The request was approved by the Franklin County Commissioners and the Ohio Secretary of State on March 13, 1866.  The settlement was the center of several large groves of trees left standing when the first settlers cleared the ground. 

The petition for incorporation reads as follows: 

The undersigned citizens and legal voters of the village of Grove City, in the township of Jackson, county of Franklin, hereby petition your honorable body for the incorporation of the above-named village.  Said proposed incorporated town is situated in Jackson Township, Franklin County, on the Columbus and Harrisburg Turnpike, six miles southwest of the City of Columbus, and being part of the Virginia Military Survey No. 1388 entered originally by Washington and Morgan, an accurate plat of said village being attached to this petition.  The incorporated name of said town to be ‘Incorporation of Grove City’.”