By Nelle Grossman, White Reunion, 1926

The ancestors that we represent in our reunion were brothers, Alexander and Samuel White. Just what state they were born in is not definitely known but I am inclined to think New Jersey. In 1804, Samuel White and his infant family came to Ohio and settled on a tract of land now known as Big Run southwest of Greenlawn. His wife was Jane Stewart, a member of a prominent New Jersey family. With their three children, they drove overland and reached Franklinton, settled in its vicinity. Proceeding three miles southwest, the pioneers erected their cabin and began housekeeping.

Three persons by the name of White came over in the Mayflower from New England. John and Susannah White settled in Massachusetts where some of their descendants still reside.

William White did not like the colony and later moved to what is now Frederick, MD. His sons settled largely in Virginia and became large land owners. Our branch became the famous White family many laud. Our Uncle Samuel White raised and equipped a company during the Revolutionary War and tendered their services to the colonies. He was a warm personal friend of General Washington and served with him during the entire war. After being mustered out of service, he went to Virginia where he taught school. Although the descendants of Samuel White are scattered all over the union some of them are filling places of honor and trust.

The reunion of 1898 was held just south of the old Union Church where Samuel White in 1803 erected his cabin and reared a family of nine children namely, Stewart, Jack, George, Jacob, Alexander, Rebecca, Sarah and Elizabeth.

The first reunion of the descendants of Samuel White was held at the home of Aden G. Shade in 1897. Our association was formed and we agreed to hold the reunions annually on the second Wednesday in August. Wilson White, now deceased, was the first president and in later years the date was changed to the second Sunday in August. Up to the present day, 29 reunions have been held; certainly not to be forgotten by all who attended but remembered and let the name of the White family and its ancestors go down in history in years to come.

Some new family members have presented themselves to our roll by matrimonial bliss. Marriage of Cinda White to Mr. Olaf and Lucy Treuch to Darwen Kindler.

Births: Mr & Mrs Everett John – a daughter; Mr & Mrs L. Baumgartner – a daughter; Mr & Mrs Elnie Weygandt – a boy; Mr & Mrs Knowlton Thomas – a boy; Mr & Mrs Darirlin Kindler – a daughter; Mr & Mrs Penwell (or Pennell) – a daughter.

God willing the family ties have been broken the past year by the deaths of Mrs Marguerite Hawk, Mrs Herman Ebeling and Mrs Ida Peters.

We all within our graves shall sleep

A hundred years to come

No living soul of us shall weep

A hundred years to come.

But other men on land shall till

And others their own streets shall fill

While other birds shall sing as gay

And bright the sunshine of today

A hundred years to come.